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Transparent plastic wrapper with enclosed air bubbles. (Available in rolls) Ideal to protect any object of any shape. Waterproof and durable material. Based on the principle of shock absorption with air cushions, it isolates and ensures ideal protection for each product.


Corrugated paper in roll packaging. Ideal for protection from work to cover areas that we want to keep clean. It is mainly used in oil painting and furniture making. It is easily fastened with paper tape and is highly functional because it does not slip.

Corners and Product Protection

Paper corners for protection and stabilization of the pallet, exceptional durability, due to their high construction specifications. By using the corners, the protection of your products is achieved, reducing the damages during the transport.


The packaging peanuts fill is a product of expanded polystyrene (styrofoam) and is used to fill gaps in cartons. It is very light and resistant to pressure and vibration. Recommended for the protection of fragile and fragile objects. It is a clean product, it is...


Damage reduction: Gently protects without scratching, soiling or leaving residue. Cube optimization: Provides better protection, allowing you to use fewer wrappers or reduced materials in a thinner material, reducing box size. Customer Experience: Your customer will be happy when their product arrives as intended, without...

Showing all 5 items