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Double Sided

Double sided tape suitable for fixing carpets and rugs in showrooms, familiar, etc. The ideal solution for all applications that require a simple and strong attachment, with the most economical solution. Double Sided Fabric of high strength and adhesion Removable Double Sided, easy removal without...

Self-adhesive Marking Tape

Floor adhesive tape for Danger and Caution. Strong adhesion and wear resistance Dimension 50mm x 33mt For its perfect application use the following dispenser

Double Sided – Sparkling

Double-sided foam adhesive tape with excellent adhesion to smooth and wild surfaces. Suitable for fixing mirrors, plates, etc. in a wide variety of surfaces such as paper, plastic, glass, metal, wood, tile, porcelain, wall etc.


Electrical Tape or Insulating Tape for Electrical Use. With dielectric strength. Suitable for insulation of wiring, pipes and cables in construction and other installations. Available in many colors.

Fabric Tapes

Self-adhesive tape with fabric support for plumbing-technical work. Characterized for: • The very strong glue • Durability over time • Waterproofing

Aluminum tapes

Suitable for joining air ducts, ducts, pipes, aluminum foil, air conditioner insulation, etc. With high resistance above 10oC.

Marking tapes

Emergency or hazard marking tape Available in dimensions 70mmx100mt and 70mmx200mt and colors white-red, yellow-black.


Available with UV protection polyethylene carrier at a width of 10 cm. They make it possible to repair the greenhouse without the need to replace it.

Showing 1–8 of 12 items